as I draw, forms and spatial layers emerge filling the horizon taking on a life force, an energy field, radiating and encompassing the forms around them, creating an illusion – a relational experience.

Each form and the forms surrounding it, communicate a relational reality. The premise is, that life itself is a relational existence – moments of existence, as we move within our private physical and imaginative worlds.

Reality, as I see it, is a duality: the seen and unseen, the heard and unheard, the tangibles and intangibles experienced from moment to moment. Within our private journey, the imaginative landscapes remain fluid and changeable, our 'dreamscape of memories,’ as we move and touch other co-existing energy fields.

The line, an ancient instrument, possessing both the elusive nature of imagination and the exact rendering of form, allows me to create transparencies of this inner world – the spiritual co-existence of experienced reality and the journey of the soul communicating the universal message of being, emerging as the seen and the unseen. Reality, its confirmation, lies in what we believe or experience – the historical knowledge of our internal experiences. It is this reality I create and convey in my work. I draw from my internal reality.       

In 2003—2004, at New Media Arts, Santa Fe, NM,  I began exploring the fusion of graphite and the pixel, translating them into radiating fields of light and form, the challenge, as an artist, was retaining the integrity of the traditional medium of drawing and creating with the new digital technologies, and further explored at the Joan Miró “New-Prints” Workshop 2004, Fundación Pilar y Joan Miró, Mallorca,.

The exploration took the ‘line’ into the emerging and the most elusive of all worlds, the digital world. The challenge now is moving graphite media even further into the field of virtual media creating' a new vision, a new reality’ as I see it.   — Julia d'Arcy